Track Phone with IMEI Number

Every phone has IMEI number and it can be used to trace your lost Mobile. It’s possible to find lost phone without having internet access, sim card or even GPS location. True that its though, but with the help of IMEI number; it’s possible to track lost phone without any trouble. We will look into this aspect from the article published at which guide you to locate your lost phone using IMEI. If you have not noted your IMEI number not to worry its phone box will have the IMEI number on it. Check the information given on the sticker on box, this will be having the model ID & serial number of the phone.

Above box 15-digit numbers given will be IMEI number. Soon after getting IMEI number it’s easy to find lost phone with application this can be downloaded from play store. Instead you can even contact police and given your IMEI number to them and they will track the phone.

IMEI is an international mobile identity number it’s 15 digit the will found on every phone. It’s a unique ID given to phones and this cant be changed. Once you buy phone check this IMEI number in your phone settings or on box. Its very important to note this IMEI number so that this can be used to trace the phone it case of lost or theft.

How IMEI will help Police?

As this is a unique number every phone has it and police will use it to track the phone. Even though SIM is changed in your phone, soon after they change the switch on the phone police will get to know where the phone is.

Can thieves have any method to change IMEI number?

Yeah, it called “flasher” using this the thieves can easily change IMEI numbers of stollen mobiles. Flasher is small advanced technical device that will allow a mobile to connect to computer and change IMEI number within minutes. Unfortunately, once IMEI numbers is changed its almost impossible to track your lost mobile.

 Is it possible to block IMEI number?

Its can be blocklist and forbidden from using that phone so in this case its not possible to change IMEI number. Once the phone is found you can easily legally unblock IMEI number start using it without any kind of issue. This is kind of advantage because this will help you trace the phone even faster but it need to be block listed ASAP.

Thai Amulets Importance

In the Thai culture, amulets play an important part before the advent of Buddhism. At the early period the amulets made with group of plants which having medicinal power to grant invulnerability. or simply available local materials. The growth of the Hindu Brahmanism and Buddhism into Thailand made the production of amulets more sophisticated. Henceforth the priest, monks or laymen started to bless them with sacred symbols and diagrams. Mainly the Buddhist monks made and blessed the amulets like LP Parn Wat Bang Nom Kho Porcupine with the inscribes and images of saints and monks. The amulets without these images were not considered as Buddhist amulets.

A Thai amulet is a Buddhist blessed item. The Buddhist monk will give the Thai Amulet to worshippers as a gift to their donations, but the amulets are considered as a tool to enhance different aspects of Life. Every Thai Buddhist monk has at least one Thai Amulet. It is believed that wearing one or more amulets around the neck will get them closer to Buddha. Buddha image or image of a famous monk or used to make amulets. Amulets vary in size, shape and materials by which they are made up of. The process of making amulets may vary form a week to more than three years.

Though replicas are available in the Thai market but those are considered as fake amulets. Genuine ones are limited and costs higher than others. Therefore, in Thailand there are demands for people who can identify real and powerful amulets. It is intricate to acquire the technique of identifying authentic amulets as to get this skill may take a decade or more. There are different genres available of this Thai Charm. It is unattainable for an individual to gain the expertness of identification of amulets of every single genres. Hence, most of the time expert chooses one single field to work with.

Buddhist follow some taboos while wearing them. Praying to Lord Buddha is inevitable before and after putting on an amulet. One cannot wear it around neck in odd number manner to maintain symmetry. It’s an offense if someone carries it under waist. Most of the Buddhist wear it on neck or at least above the waist. This ritual depicts respect to the Lord. There is a other type of amulet which one can keep inside pockets or bags. It bears no depiction of Buddha or monk. It is entitled as Takruts. One cannot put Thai Amulets in such places where you are about to have sex. It is advisable to remove it from body before shower time.

In this current scenario Buddhist amulets are big business in Thailand. Across the country many Buddhist amulets markets can be found. Amulets were highly marketed through online and were advertised in magazines and so on. Alternately through donations the newly created amulets can be obtained. People added amulets to their lives to make it easier and more blessed. Renting and hiring of Thai amulets rather than purchase is also happening now a days, the thing behind is that they can take the advantage of an amulet’s power temporarily instead of being owned.

Most Beautiful Sights To See In Singapore

Singapore seems to be the best tourist destination which is admired by the people all over the globe. It is an island nation comprising of 63 islands located at the Southern tip of Malaysian Peninsula. Though the country is small, it is crowded by many visitors. Singapore is an ultra-modernized country, but still traditions are maintained mainly by Chinese and Indians. Thus, the country is a perfect amalgamation of both modernity and tradition together and hence, attracting many visitors.

The capital of Singapore is Singapore itself and it is a dynamic city. The city is home to multi-ethnic groups such as Chinese, Malaysians and Indians. Singapore is well-planned area offering great sightseeing spots to enjoy your holiday.

China Town, Little India, Kampong Glam and Arab Street, Singapore Botanical Gardens, Singapore Art Museum, Clarke Quay, Geylang Serai, Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Zoo, acebet99 online clubs and Marina bay sands are some of the beautiful places to visit. Changi Airport has a world-wide reputation due to its technology. They are still extending their terminals.

People who are interested in arts, culture and history then, Singapore has lot to offer. The marks of colonial times are still found in the country. Singapore is home to several historical sites, museums, memorials and monuments such as Asian Civilization Museum, Changi Prison Chapel & Museum, Armenian Church, Cathay Building, Holy Infant Jesus Chapel, Battle Box, The Johore Battery, Kranji War Memorial, Reflections at Bukit Chandu, Fort Siloso, Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research and much more.

In addition to historical monuments, there are many beautiful islands present in the land of Singapore. One such most visited island is Sentosa island. There are many attractions owned by the island like the fantastic Dolphin Lagoon, Universal studios, Butterfly park, aquarium etc.

Singapore is a place in which you can see multi-religions people living at one spot. Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Buddhism, Taoism have their own places of worship. Thian Hock Keng temple, Sri Mariamman Temple, Temple of 1,000 Lights, Chettiar Hindu Temple, Sultan Mosque, Hajah Fatimah Mosque, Church of St Gregory the Illuminator, Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, Sri Thandayuthapani Temple are some of the names of these temples.

Apart from all these, The Merlion, Clarke Quay, Chijmes, Carlsberg Sky Tower, Boat Quay are among must-see places while visiting Singapore. Do not forget that Singapore is a paradise for shopping. Do visit Bugis, Chinatown, Little India and Orchard road to enjoy shopping.

Learn more about the Singapore before making trip to the country as there are lot of places to be not missed during your trip.

Singapore- The Fascinating Travel Destination

From long years, Singapore has established a connection between the east and west. One of the major reason for this is Singapore tourism. Since the flights are available to Singapore from almost all the countries, millions of visitors from all over the globe visits the country for family vacations, business tour, adventure trip etc. It is also recognized as one of the best family destination. The garden city is a perfect location for all kind of travelers with many choices to explore.

The most popular attractions of singapore are Singapore zoo, Sentosa island, singapore art museum, Heritage centers, botanical garden, Changi village etc.

Sentosa Island

It is a heaven for outdoor activities and many water sports as well. For the people who love watersport activities, it is a perfect destination to enjoy. The visitors become mesmerized with the plethora of activities available at Sentosa island. The Sentosa beaches are known for water sports like jet skiing, scuba diving etc. In Sentosa, different kind of attention grabbing parties are held to entertain the tourists like foam parties, dance festivals and many more. It also has a center for many entertaining games like vbet77.

Singapore Zoo

We can view the zoo in two shades. In the morning, people can experience the nature walk around the zoo. It is a habitat for thousands of species and breakfast with orangutan is the best experience for children. During the evening, the zoo authority people will take the visitors into the zoo for night safari through a tram and animals like rhinoceros, giraffe can be viewed from closer distance. Artificial moon light effects has been created to enhance the thrilling experiences of night safari.

Singapore Art Museum

People who admire to explore the ancient art, it is a best place. In this museum we can find thousands of art which belongs to Singapore and few other areas of south east Asia.


When we are in singapore, then shopping is must. Orchard road of singapore is meant for shopping and many people who are shopping freaks love to spend time in orchard road. It has many dazzling shopping malls with all brands of fashion accessories, electronic equipment’s, computer accessories etc. There are many other centers such as East plaza, Tanglin shopping center, Mustafa shopper center etc., which meets the requirement of budget shoppers.

Top Things You Should Know About Online Lotteries

Everybody dreams of winning a lottery jackpot atleast once and become rich overnight. The lottery games brings out some kind of instinct in people, it allows even ordinary people to dream big. This thing usually doesn’t happen with any other games but lottery makes this kind of special events possible to everyone.

Internet has conquered everything including lottery, today you can find thousands of online lottery websites who offer wide range of lottery games. More people are seen betting through online rather than visiting retail shop to bet in lottery tickets. The popularity of online lottery games is increasing widely and the main reason for this popularity is its great benefits. However, there are some scam lottery sites creating some awful threats to players by looting their money. Here are few things you should know before playing online lottery games.

Ensure that online lottery site is secure: Always check for the lock, a desired secure lottery site will have small symbol of a padlock displayed prominently. This is the best way to know that all your personal information will be saved and if you don’t see the symbol of safety and security it is better to skip such websites.

Check if lottery site will charge for your winnings: Before betting in online lottery check if the site will charge you for winning jackpot. A legitimate and trustworthy online lottery website will not charge any amount to claim your prize. So if you come across any such website hit the back button and find another online site. One such legitimate online lottery is My Singapore Pools.

Check the requirements: It is very important to check for the requirements before signing up into any lottery site. For example, if there is any requirement of age like you should be atleast 18 years old to sign up then provide specifications to prove your age so that you can claim for the prize. It is also important to check if your local laws allow playing lottery games because in some region even lottery is considered as illegal activity.

Check Contact details: You need to see if there is technical support available 24/7 through live chat, emails or calls to help you whenever required. If the lottery website doesn’t disclose its contact details then it’s more likely to be a scam.

You should play lottery games only from your own computer: betting through your own computer or mobile is very safe because you will be entering your credit or debit card number for payment and entering all such sensitive information over open WiFi network or from any other computer can be more risky.

Comfortable, Quality Singapore Hotels To Stay During Holiday

Most of the people staying around different parts of the world, love to spend their holiday in Singapore. Singapore is a small island but, packed with tons of surprises that attract millions of tourists to the country. Singapore is located at the Southern tip of Malay Peninsula. Once the country was a small fishing village, but now became a major financial center and a popular tourist destination.

The country makes an excellent destination to make all kinds of travel such as adventure holiday, leisure trip, romantic getaway, business trip etc. When you are holidaying in this city, there are lot of things that a hi-tech cosmopolitan city to offer you. A perfect blend of traditions, cultures and modern infrastructures along with an array of attractions and activities makes the city a hot tourist spot.

Singapore can be visited at any time of the year. The city enjoys tropical climate and hence, you will feel hot and humid along with rain showers. The city is the most happening place with exciting special events, so check ahead about the hotel and reserve your Singapore hotel.

Singapore’s wide range of accommodations available, which will facilitate all types of visitors. Singapore hotels satisfy all kinds of visitors and their requirements. Singapore accommodation takes care of all types of travelers starting from budget travelers, backpackers, family travelers to business travelers. With Singapore hotels providing utmost comfort and quality service, they are ideal pick for business or leisure travel.

One of the most hi-tech hotels in Singapore is Marina Bay hotel which is most suitable for tourist and business travelers. Here you will get all facilities like infinity swimming pools, spa, fitness club and betwin888 games etc. There are some tourist spots near to this place such as Merlion park, Skypark at the top of hotel, Esplanade, ArtScience Museum, Helix DND bridge and Garden by the bay etc.

Another destination is Orchard road, which is favorite place for the visitors and, you can choose your best hotel as this area is an important shopping center. Visiting shopping malls become quite easy with visitors and you can do shopping at any time.

If looking for a quite accommodation away from the hustle bustle of the city, then there are some best hotels present in Sentosa island. Sentosa is a man-made island with many theme parks and adventures. So, you can visit these parks easily when you stay in hotels of Sentosa. In addition to above hotels, there are many other hotels present in the city and you can choose the one according to your budget and enjoy your holiday in Singapore.

The Magnificent Malaysia

Malaysia is gifted with numerous natural tourist attractions. The country is developing in a rapid speed. Malaysia is a fascinating country modern still blended with the old cultures and traditions. Malaysia is most admired by the enormous visitors in the world especially for its excellent beaches, numerous marine park which has many rare marine species and dazzling corals.

One can easily explore the world renowned shopping malls, enjoy the local delicacies and can go on some water and land adventures. Malaysia is a diverse country comprising of different cultural peoples like Malay, Indian and Chinese. Malaysia has undergone many influences before getting its independence, this can be easily witnessed by some of the architectural buildings and historical places.

There are several places to visit in Malaysia. Malaysia has got something to offer every kind of personality whether the traveler is a nature lover, adventure lover, an art lover or history lover Malaysia has everything. The best time to visit Malaysia is during festive seasons, you can explore and enjoy the different cultures and rituals carried our during few festivals. If you are planning for a budget trip then avoid going to Malaysia during festivals because it is the time where in every trip package increases the price.

The major attraction of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. This bustling city is the heart of Malaysia. It is particularly famous The World’s Tallest Twin Tower “Petronas Tower”. The view from this tower will be mesmerizing, this city is filled with many shopping malls which gives you an immense pleasure in shopping. There are some certain places around the capital of Malaysia. Genting Highland is one such place that is located very much near to Kuala Lumpur. Genting Highland is the best place to take a break from the sizzling hot climate that can be seen in most of the cities of Malaysia.

Malaysian government has constructed the Resorts World Genting at the peak of the mountain with the concern of providing the maximum entertainment to the visitors. It is also referred as an Asia’s Las Vegas renowned for the night life, luxury hotels and different games.  The night life here is an amazing experience that one should enjoy atleast once in a life time. It offers numerous games to its visitors and is open 24 hours a day. It even has some online games available only for the tourists from over the globe Jqkclub is the famous among many other online gaming websites.

Besides of this entertainment, other cultural events are held in Malaysia. Kite festival, Chinese new year, Hari Raya and Diwali is celebrated grandly in Malaysia. A country which is rich in culture and traditions, produces wide variety of handicrafts items. Totally a trip to Malaysia will never disappoint anyone.


How To Use An Anti-Theft Backpack?

An anti-theft backpack designed with modern technology to provide safety of your valuables. They are high-tech and stylish enough to be used in any situation. When you plan to travel, which is best backpack to carry with you is normal or anti-theft backpack?

To decide which is top anti-theft backpack, look for the following features to ensure you get the best anti-theft backpack on the market:

Slash-proof Adjustable Straps – Adjustable and steel reinforced strap prevent thieves form cutting the strap and taking the backpack.

Anti-Slash Fabric/panels – It prevent thieves from slashing the bag and taking its contents.

Locking Compartments And Straps – Protect from pickpockets and you can store your things comfortably inside compartments.

RFID Blocking Slots – Block scanners from electronic pickpockets.

The above features show how anti-theft backpack is different from normal backpack and best for carrying during travel.

Let us discuss some recommendations on how to use anti-theft backpack:

  • Try to use the compartments for each of the items you need, but do not try to completely fill the products in there, as it is not made for that purpose.
  • Since, anti-theft backpack is non-washable, wipe the bag with a wet towel and a drop of liquid soap if required.
  • Anti-theft backpack provided with lockable zippers, hence while opening the backpack do it with care and patience.
  • If anti-theft backpack got water bottle compartment inside of your backpack, it will be best, if you take a slender and long kind of bottle rather than a short fat one, to take it out easily from the bag and also check if your bottle is leaky or not.
  • Use in-built USB charging port present in backpack to charge your mobile phone.
  • To avoid digital pickpocketing, RFID blocking holders present inside the backpack. So, make use of it to keep your wallets or credit cards or other ID cards.
  • Foam protective layer present in a compartment to place your laptop or macbook, hence use such compartment to place your laptop.

When you use an anti-theft backpack in such ways, then it is worth buying your backpack and thus, using all the necessary backpack’s features.