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Tony Jones

Tony Jones

Carwash Video Shows Danger of Spinning Wrap

By Tony Jones Comments

Here at Modern Car Care headquarters, a sheet of paper hangs in our break room profiling the company’s annual safety record. I like to check it periodically in case the zeros adjacent to the number of injuries and deaths on the job ever change. They never do. I’m guessing the vast majority of injuries sustained around here (paper cuts, eye strain, etc.) go unreported.

We’re lucky, though, because a work-related serious injury for us would be highly unusual. Carwash operators aren’t nearly as lucky when it comes to workplace injuries because there are plenty of things that can go wrong in and around a carwash that can jeopardize the safety of both employees and customers.

There is never a bad time to review safety precautions and procedures with your team members. There also is no excuse for failing to post and discuss mandatory safety rules at your facility or neglecting to have an action plan in place for when accidents inevitably occur.

Make no mistake, accidents will occur, but every carwash owner and manager should do everything within reason to try to minimize their occurrences and severity.

A grim reminder of this hit the Internet last week when someone posted a surveillance video on YouTube showing a carwash employee taking a frightening ride when a spinning wrap entangled with a hose the employee was holding.

The employee at first tries to untangle the hose but then gets whipped around like a rag doll for several rotations before regaining his footing and help arrives.

Warning: the video is a bit graphic.

Believe it or not, the employee reportedly escaped with just minor cuts and bruises.

Thanks to Allan Branch at for the tip. The video also is posted on Allan’s Web site, where there is some interesting discussion regarding the incident and carwash safety procedures.


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