Grace for Vets Reaches Milestone with Carwash Participation in All 50 States


While political pundits discuss the implications of red states and blue states during today’s mid-term elections, organizers of the Grace for Vets carwash program are celebrating the nonpartisan patriotism of red, white and blue now that carwash locations from all 50 states and Washington, D.C., have signed up to participate in this year’s national promotion.

With nine days remaining before Veterans Day, registration for this year’s Grace for Vets carwash promotion reached 473 participating carwash companies representing 1,199 locations as of this afternoon. Carwash facilities in all 50 states will participate in Grace for Vets for the first time in the program’s six-year history.

Organizers received registration from carwashes in Alaska, Hawaii and North Dakota in the last week to complete one of the program’s major goals for the 2010 campaign. Carwashes in Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, North Dakota, West Virginia and Wyoming will participate in Grace for Vets for the first time on Nov. 11.

Officials also are confident this year’s campaign will provide more than 100,000 free carwashes to military veterans and active service personnel for the first time.

“We feel the 100,000 free vet wash goal is very attainable if the weather cooperates and everyone reports results,” said Bob Ruhe, the campaign’s project manager.

Participating carwashes are encouraged to report their results through the Grace for Vets Web site as soon as possible following the Veterans Day event. Carwashes must be registered with Grace for Vets to be an official participant. Carwashes that participated in previous year’s campaigns must re-register online to be counted in this year’s totals.

Registered carwash companies also receive tips on how to get started with their Grace for Vets promotion and have access to promotional materials, including letterhead, logos, program documents and sample signs, handouts and advertisements.

The Grace for Vets program honors military veterans with free carwashes across the nation every Nov. 11. In order to receive a free carwash at a participating location, veterans only have to verbally tell a carwash attendant that they are a retired veteran or active in the armed forces. No proof is required because program officials want the event to run under one of the military’s guiding principles — honor.

Grace for Vets was founded in 2004 by Mike Mountz, president of Cloister Wash & Lube. A list of this year's registered carwash participants can be viewed here.


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