Track Phone with IMEI Number

Every phone has IMEI number and it can be used to trace your lost Mobile. It’s possible to find lost phone without having internet access, sim card or even GPS location. True that its though, but with the help of IMEI number; it’s possible to track lost phone without any trouble. We will look into this aspect from the article published at which guide you to locate your lost phone using IMEI. If you have not noted your IMEI number not to worry its phone box will have the IMEI number on it. Check the information given on the sticker on box, this will be having the model ID & serial number of the phone.

Above box 15-digit numbers given will be IMEI number. Soon after getting IMEI number it’s easy to find lost phone with application this can be downloaded from play store. Instead you can even contact police and given your IMEI number to them and they will track the phone.

IMEI is an international mobile identity number it’s 15 digit the will found on every phone. It’s a unique ID given to phones and this cant be changed. Once you buy phone check this IMEI number in your phone settings or on box. Its very important to note this IMEI number so that this can be used to trace the phone it case of lost or theft.

How IMEI will help Police?

As this is a unique number every phone has it and police will use it to track the phone. Even though SIM is changed in your phone, soon after they change the switch on the phone police will get to know where the phone is.

Can thieves have any method to change IMEI number?

Yeah, it called “flasher” using this the thieves can easily change IMEI numbers of stollen mobiles. Flasher is small advanced technical device that will allow a mobile to connect to computer and change IMEI number within minutes. Unfortunately, once IMEI numbers is changed its almost impossible to track your lost mobile.

 Is it possible to block IMEI number?

Its can be blocklist and forbidden from using that phone so in this case its not possible to change IMEI number. Once the phone is found you can easily legally unblock IMEI number start using it without any kind of issue. This is kind of advantage because this will help you trace the phone even faster but it need to be block listed ASAP.